Secret Saturdays Sex Story: "Mr Sensitive – Chapter 1"

DISCLAIMER: SS belongs to its rightful owners and not me.


The Saturday family enjoyed their pizza dinner during one early night. ”Please don’t chew with your mouth open, Zak” Drew said. ”Sorry, Mom” the eleven-year-old apologized. He stared at Fiskerton who seemed to really enjoy his food. He offered him one of the slices. ”Do you like anchovies, Fisk?” he inquired.

The gorilla-cat shrugged before he ate the slice. He proceeded to gag. ”I guess not’
his ”sibling” smiled. ”I’m trying to eat!” Drew frowned. She observed her son looking out the airship window. She saw his shocked expression.

”Mom! Dad! Argost is wandering through the forest!” he exclaimed. Fiskerton looked very anxious.
Drew proceeded to drop her pizza slice. ”I just lost my appetite!” she announced. She and her spouse looked out the window. Their eyes were currently wide.

”He must be searching for another clue to finding Kur” Doc stated. ”What are we waiting for?
Let’s go out there and kick his butt!” his son exclaimed. ”I have a better idea. We should follow him and see where he leads us. We’ll have the element of surprise” the patriarch said.

Zak turned to Fiskerton. ”Are you feeling better, Fisk?” he wanted to know. The gorilla-cat smiled while closing his eyes and nodding. He observed his ”brother” running.
He looked confused until he watched him return with the Claw in his hand. ”In case we find any vicious cryptids” he spoke.

He joined his family outside the airship. They followed their enemy through the forest.
They noticed his sad expression. ”Argost looks as though someone died!” Zak whispered. ”He probably killed an innocent cryptid. Why would he be depressed though?” his mother spoke.

The Saturdays were surprised when they observed him picking flowers! Zak whispered to his parents.
”That’s really disturbing!” ”He has to be up to something!” Drew stated. Her family ceased walking when he paused. *Don’t let him see us!* the eleven-year-old boy thought.

He and his parents were still as statues until their enemy started wandering again. Their eyes were wide when they watched him enter a cemetery. They continued to follow him.
They viewed him placing the picked flowers near someone’s grave marker. They watched him bury his face in his hands while his shoulders moved up and down with every sob.
The name on the tombstone solved the mystery.

”Rest in peace Munya” Doc read. Argost ceased crying in his hands long enough to turn and face them. His scowl was about to become permanent any minute now. ”How dare you follow me’
he hissed. ”When and how did the spider guy die?” Zak wanted to know. ”Munya got sick and died in my arms a few days ago.”

The Saturdays did not know what to say. They viewed his rare tears exiting from his strange eyes against his will. Drew’s expression happened to be one of shock when her enemy embraced her.
”Now THAT is really disturbing!” Zak exclaimed. Drew was about to vomit.
All it took was the death of someone he loved to reveal Mr. Sensitive.


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