Secret Saturdays Sex Story: "The New Family Member – Chapter 1"

“Everyone hold on” Doc yelled. They were in the middle of a blizzard that was getting stronger by the second. “I can’t” Zak said as his hand slipped out of his moms and he was flung in the air. “Zak” Drew yelled but soon she fould herself flying and soon after that the rest of the saturdays.

Drew woke up in a room with bandads all over her. “Doc wake up” She said to Doc who was lying right by her. “Drew what happened” He said. “I don’t know but i think i hear somone down stairs we should go check it out” She said as she stared to walk down the stairs. “Hellow Drew” They heared an old man and woman say. When Drew looked over her jaw jroped and she started to cry. “Mom dad” She said running in there arms.

Meanwhile Zak woke up by a lake he closed his eyes untill he heared “Are you ok” He got up and behind him was an 11 year old girl wearing a long lime green dress with black hair. “Where am i” Zak asked her. “Well your at lake shine, My Names Wendy” She said helping him up. The hole place was a frozen wonderland. “I’m Zak” He said looking around. “You look pretty hurt if you want to you can come to my house my mom and dad are great healers” She said. ” i guss” He said back. “Great come with me” She said holding his hand wile running to the House.

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