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Secret Saturdays Hentia Story: "The Twin – Chapter 1"

“Come one we have to hurry” Doc yelled to his famley. They were tring to get a clue to finding kur hidden befor argost got it. “GREETINGS saturdays, thank you for finding that clue to finding kur for me” the man spoke. behide him was munya van rook, and then a girl Zak’s age came out of the shadows and went in front of van rook. She had black hair but white bangs that were parted to one side. Doc and Drew looked at her then there eyes wided. “I don’t think you have ment me friend and i thought she should be able to come with me now on my misstions” He said as the girl stayed silent.

So about 5 min. later they were all firhting but the girl. doc and doyle were taking car of munya and drew van rook and argost. Zak hade the clue in his hand but then the girl jumped down and ran to him when he doge at what seemed to be the speed of light she turned and hit him he fell to the grould and she grabed the clue. She looked over to see that the olney one that was not knocked out was doyle.

So about 10 min. later all of them were awke and when they stood up they saw argost ship was gone. “Dang they got the clue” Zak said. he looked at his parents how were looking pale. “It can’t be” Drew said looking at doc. “Well it may or it may not” Doc said holding drew. “May or may not what” Zak asked.\

“What your saying she’s my twin sister” Zak yelled out. “Well she might be but were not sure” Doc answerd. “Her name is winter when she was born we could secne a dark feeling in her so we put her in a orphan place and never saw her again untill now” Drew toled her son. “areyousure” fisk said. “Well we will never know until we ask her” Doc said. “but how are we going to ask her she didn’t even talkk when she was here” Zak toled his parents. They looked at there son then each other like that was not the olney thing they were hiding.

At wired world.

“Great job today winter” argost said but she did not reapliy. ” Now work your magic” Argost said. winter got up toched the clue then her eyes glowed a black color and the writing on the changed to english. “Thank you winter” he said but winter’s face stayed the same like munyas dose untill she smiled when munya walked in and triped. “The clue saids olney the crypitid tamers can open the toom of kur” He spoke up. “Very srange’ He said wile looking at winter.

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