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Story: "The twin – Chapter 3"

“Hi Drew said as she walked in the room were winter was. She just stared at Drew because well she can’t talk. “Sorry i forgot you can’t talk” She said sitting down next to Winter. Winter olny stared and when drew looked in her eyes she saw pure darkness.

“Can you try to communicate to us at all” Doc said looking at her. She shoke her head no. “Do you know sighn language” Doyle asked but she still shoke her head no.

“come in the hallway for a min guys” Drew said as they all got up and went to the halway. When they got in there she said “She hased to have a way to communicate right” She said “Wait argost said that she can write in Shumeric and mom can read it we should try that” Zak said to everyone. “Ok lets do it” They all said.

When they walked in the room she was still sitting there of corse. “Ok writ what you want to say on this pice of paper” Drew said handing her a pincle and a pen. She wrote somthing then handed it to Drew. “Can you read it mom” Zak said looking at her. Drew put the paper down. “No i can not” She said everyone. They all stared at the grould untill they heared winter get up. She walked over and put her hand on the paper. Her eyes gow like they did when she touch the kur stone then the writing changed to english. They stared at winter as she just sat back down.

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Drew Saturday Porn

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Story: "the begining Chapter 1"

Chapter 1 the attack the saturdays were walking though the forest looking for a rare cyriptit. Doc, Drew, and 5 year old zak. “It has to be here somewhere” Drew said wile holding Zak. ” It saids where geting a reading som-” But before he could finish he and drew were attacked by cyriptits. The cyriptits pinded them down but then just as it looked like it was over the cyriptits just walked away. Doc and drew looked at echather confused and when they checked to make sure zak was ok there mouthes opened there eyes wided yhey saw the crypitits had gone over to zak and zak was petting them his eyes golwing there eyes golwing. they ran over grabed there kid and ran in the airship.

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It was a big secret who was fucking busty Drew Saturday all this time… until now!

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Story: "The Begining – Chapter 2"

“Doc, what was that” “What was what drew” “Doc, we can’t igore it doc somthing happend to zak back there” She said to him in fear for her son. “I don’t know probley nothing but just to be safe let run him though a med test and x-ray”Doc said to his wife. So they did and whaen the resuts came back everything was ok. “Thank goodness” Drew said as she huged her husbend. They saturdays thought mabey there eyes were playing triks on them so they ignored it thnking it was nothing.

acople years went by so now zak was 7. “So were are we going mommy” The 7 year old asked his mom. “We are going to antartica to see for the a millowth time Zak. She said to her son. After they got there , Doc, and Drew stared talking for to Zak what seems to be forever so after awile he said. “Mommy i’m so bord i want to go home” “Just alittle longer sweetie”

but Zak wanted to go home now so without his parents knowing he stared to go to the airship. When he was walking down the hallway. When he went by a room he heard a horrable noise coming from it. So of corse he wanted to chek it opened the door to see a gient hole in the wall. He toke one step forward but then 2 cryptids came though the hole. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Zaks parents hered his sceam and ran to him they pushed him behind them and when they got there wapens out they heared Zak say. “Hey look what i can do” All of them looked at him as his eyes stared glowing like they did 2 years ago. Then the crypitids stop and sat down then turned arould and went though the hole back home. “Is this cool or what” Zak said his eyes still glowing. Doc and Drew just stared at him. “What he said like he was in troble.

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Drew Saturday is going to reveal some secrets… at least those that covered by her tight uniform

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This post contains only hottest personages of Secret Saturdays cartoon and gets them in all kinds of raunchy deeds ;) One awesome cum-drinker is showing her skills in Secret Saturdays sex riding with her ass on his cosmic high-standing penis to start with and then getting pumped by this thick tool while lying on her back. Drew Saturday Here is the scene and of wildest lustful that are screwing!

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Secret Saturdays Sex Story: "The begining – Chapter 3"

” call the other scientists in”Doc said to . “Zak how long have you been able to do that”Drew said wile walking to Zak . “Mabey bout a year i tolded you remember” Zak said


A 6 Year old Zak walked in the door of the house after playing outside. “Guss what mom i made 2 new friends komodo and fiskerten” Zak told his mom. “Really how old are they” She asked him. “Well i don’t know there cryptids i used my powers to calm them down and now there my friends i’m going to play with them now bey” Zak said as he walked out the door. “We have got to stop reading him those cryptids storys he has imageny cryptids friends now” Doc tolded Drew.

“We thought you were just kidding” Doc yelled. “No there real see” Out of the hole came komodo and fiskerten but in a smaller version. “there my friends and they follow me aroud every where” Zak said petting fisk and komodo.

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Secret Saturdays Hentai Story: "Sad Mask – Chapter 1"

DISCLAIMER: SS belongs to its rightful owners.

NOTES: This is a combination of some of my Van Rook stories. Reviews would be appreciated.


Various vile words departed from Leonidas Van Rook’s mouth while he sat on the black furniture and stared at the fire within the Weird World mansion. He could hear V.V. Argost crying in his cell. He was still angry about having to watch every episode of Weird World after eating his revolting dinner with him that evening. He remembered aiming his wrist blaster at the strange man when he announced the Weird World marathon since he thought it was a ”booooriiiing” program. His scowl was still on his hairy face while his dark-blue eyes remained on the fire. Argost’s tears continued to anger him which caused him to recall their recent days together.

Van Rook remembered entering the kitchen of the Saturday family while searching for the stolen Kur Stone during one late evening. He ate the Chinese food that was in the refrigerator.
”I’m hungry!” he said when Argost scowled and folded his pale arms across his dark chest.
”You’re also stupid!” the strange man informed him. The long-haired Russian wolfed down the stolen Chinese food. He went into the restroom before sticking his head in the toilet.

”I don’t see the Kur Stone.” He cried out when Argost pushed the lid down on his head.
They departed from the restroom before entering the livingroom. ”We must be silent as the grave’
V.V. Argost whispered. ”I A Continue reading

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Secret Saturdays Porn Story: "An unexpected romance Finale Chapter 1"

Shiningtears streamed down the face of Doc Saturday. Pain and lonelinessshone in Drews eyes. Im sorry, Doc she said, pushing herwhite hair behind her ears. Youll be fine with Zak. Maybeyoull find another woman to love, but Ill always be there forour son. The Saturday family had just returned from the towncourthouse. Their divorce papers had been signed earlier that day,but Doc took it very hard. Drew still wore the mini-dress she hadworn to court, and Doc still donned his favorite sweater. Drew hadalready said her good-byes to Zak and the Cryptids. Doc, Iminterested in seeing other people. Youre a great guy, but I dontthink we should be together anymore. Im sorry. Doc stareddirectly into his ex-wifes eyes. I still love you, Drew. Ifthings dont work out, Im here. You can come back to me. Hisbody shuddered as he took a long, shaky breath. Good-bye Drew.Bye, Doc. She grabbed the last of her luggage, and hustled outthe door, not wanting her former husband to see her cry. Onceoutside, Drew climbed into Doyles jeep, waiting outside the house.Her brother gave her a sympathetic look as she sat down in thepassengers seat. He reached over to her, and she continued to sobinto her little brothers muscular shoulder. After pouring what wasleft of her heart onto Doyle, she sat up and stared out thewindshield, not blinking or moving. Are you sure about this?Doyle inquired. Just go Drew replied.

Theydrove for a while, along winding country roads, the lights of thecity left far behind. The pale moon hung in the sky, it silver beamsilluminating the trees that lined the road. The shadows and themoonlight questioned her decision. She didnt let her eyes leavethe road even once; she simply stared into an unseen Continue reading

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Secret Saturdays Hentia Story: "Birth of a Monster – Chapter 1"

DISCLAIMER: SS belong to its rightful owners.

NOTES: I honestly have no idea where Argost is from. Lucette Argost and Amadour are my OCs. I was trying not to make Lucette a Mary Sue. This is my interpretation of his origin.


V.V. Argost cried out as his black bodysuit clad body hit one of the grave markers in the French cemetery. He looked up while scowling at the Saturday family. His golden eyes were wide when the tip of Drew’s fire sword touched his throat. ”Tell us why you’re in Paris or you’ll become a new addition here!” she spoke. She observed him gasping when he glanced at the fallen tombstone behind his body. She viewed his distressed expression.

”Who is Lucette Argost?” Zak inquired while he stared at the damaged grave marker. The bizarre man looked sad for a minute. There was sorrow in his yellow eyes as a frown formed on his fanged face. ”Well? Aren’t you going to answer my son?” Drew demanded. ”I thought you wanted to know why I was in France” her enemy spoke. His eyes increased in size again when the blade pressed against his neck thus drawing a tiny bit of blood.

”I was born in this country many years ago. It was a very cold night….” ”We don’t wish to know your life story, Argost!” Doc spoke. ”I don’t know which is scarier.
The cemetery or your birthday!” Zak commented. V.V. Argost scowled again.

”Anyway, my parents did not welcome me into this world” he continued. ”I don’t blame them’
Zak whispered to Fiskerton. ”I was born disfigured and my own mother could not bear to glance at me. My father wrapped me in a black blanket and took me outside.” ”So Lucette Argost isn’t your mother?” Drew whispered. ”No. Please don’t interrupt me again, my dear lady. Where was I?”

The female Saturday lifted her weapon slightly. ”A woman found me on her doorstep and took me into her home. She Continue reading

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