Secret Saturdays Hentia Story: "When Nightmears Become Reality – Chapter 1"

“Zak come on” Drew yelled to her son as they crawled down there hall. There house was on fire and they had to get out fast. “come on just alittle further” Doc yelled out to everyone. Fisk and komodo were already safe outside. Zon had helped them then went to get help from one of the secret scientist.

“Drew go” Doc said wile signalingher to go out the door. Zak had calapst and doc ran to get him but a piece of flaming wood came down and was headed for Zak then it h-

“AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” Zak sceamed as he woke up. “what” Zak’s parents said weapons out and ready to fight. “It was just a dream” He said to his mom as they put there weapons away. “Zak this is the 3 bad dream this weak whats up” Drew said sitting by him. “Nothing” He said lying back down fake sleeping. Doc and Drew looked at one another then just Left. As soon as they Left Zak got up, got a note book then rot in it

“Ok this is the 3 dream i had that is weird 1. dream that mom got hit with a cortext disrapter that happened the next day. 2. argost toke the kur Stone it happened the next day. 3. Now this fire dream whats next!

Zak put the notebook down then layed in his bed trying not to sleep.

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