Secret Saturdays Hentia Story: "Joke shop hijinks – Chapter 1"

The Saturdays wereenjoying a family vacation in Berlin, Germany. Everyone was having agreat time, and making lots of family memories. They all had a goodlaugh when Doyle actually tripped and fell into a fountain. He cameup completely soaked, which drew quite a bit of attention. (Doyle wasterrible at being inconspicuous.) But the funniest part was theincident at the local mall.

They had gone to themall for some souvenir shopping on the last day of their vacation.Doc and Drew were browsing in a candy shop, while Zak and Doyle haddecided to visit a joke shop. Zak had chosen some plastic spiders toscare his mom (and Fisk). He laughed quietly, imagining the look onDrews face when she found them hiding in the refrigerator. Doylehad picked out a rattlesnake gag, which he hoped to try out on Doc.They went to the check out, and a smirk played across Doyles face. The cashier looked dim-witted, and Doyle was in the mood for alittle fun. Hey, wanna see some really cool rattlesnake eggs?Doyle asked the German man. Sure, snakes are my favorite animalhe said happily. He took the small envelope from Doyle, which readCaution, open slowly.He gently opened it, and a terrible rattling sound escaped from theenvelope. The man dropped it onto the counter as he let out a yell ofshock and surprise. Oh my, are you trying to give me aheart-attack? the man said angrily. Doyle and Zak were laughinguncontrollably, their faces turning slightly red. Dude, you workin a joke shop, you should know every trick in the book! And youactually fell for it! Doyle said, still laughing. That will bethree-fifty the German muttered through gritted teeth. Doyle paidfor it, high-fived Zak, and left the store. Drew and Doc were waitingfor them So, did you have fun? Doc asked. More than youknow Doyle replied, smiling mischievously.

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