Story: "Thief or Not – Chapter 1"

“Are we there yet” Zak asked. “Almost. Bout 10 more min.” Drew said to her son. They were on there way to a museum that displays ancient artifacts because well on the phone said there has been a thief that is stealing 1 thing a night every night. So far no one has been able to stop him.

About 10 min. later they arrived. “Hello Saturdays glad you could make it” He said as they walked out of the airship. “So were is the footage” Doc asked “Right over here” He said as they walked in the museum.

“See right there” he said after pausing the tape. “That’s the thief. it looks just like a kid no older than Zak” Drew said confused. “Y thats what we thought but there is more than meets the eye” He said showing them the tape were he totally beat all the guards and police up.

“Wow” Zak said wile watching the tape. “Hey can i get a copy of this to take home it would look awesomeon a big screen t.v.” Zak said. His mom looked at him as if to say not happening. “Or i mean for research note the enemy” He said eyes glued to the t.v.

“Well I’m thinking a good way to catch him would be to wait for he to come and then surprise him” Doc said. “Ya but if you want to put out bait your fire sword would be a good one” Paul said. “Your right” Drew put her fire sword on the chair by her then went to the other huddled thinking of a plan.

“So do you think this will-” “AAAAAAAA” They heard Drew sceam. “Drew what is it” They said well Zak said mom. “Look at this” she said handing them a note. Doc read it out loud. “Black arrow can strike at day light to! P.s. that would have been a good plan but i’ll be ready for it now” He read.

“Black arrow” They said confused. “That’s something else. Ya see that what he calls herself, Black arrow” Paul said. “Ya well he toke my fire sword so he will pay” Drew sceamed.

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