Secret Saturdays Sex Story: "A Wile Back – Chapter 1"

Running though the woods was an 7 year old version of Zak playing hide and seek with an littler version of komodo. “Ok komodo i give up were are you” Zak said looking arould. Komodo jumped out from behind the bushes and landed on Zak. “Come on komodo get off it’s starting to get dark mom and dad are going to get mad if we stay out to late” He said as komodo got off of him. They ran inside and they went in there room and played. (Fisk was not a member of the saturdays yet)

At 9:00 Zak’s mom came in there and toled him it was bed time then tuked him and komodo in. “Night sweetie” She said as she walked out of the room. As soon as she leaft Zak turned on the t.v. and stared waching pokemon but then a ad for a new show called wired world world came on saying it was going to pramire in 3 days. “Wow we have got to see that show it looks awsome” Zak said as komodo just hissed.


“Hey dad do you want to play catch” Zak asked his dad. “Not know Zak i’m working” Zak turned to his mom. “Do you mom” Zak said doing the puppie dog eyes. “Zak i’m working to” She told him. “You guys are allways working” He said walking away sadley.

Zak was sitting on a old log in the woods tossing his ball in the air and catching it. “You seem pretty bord young saturday” He heared a voice say he turned arould to see a man who was white and he walked up to him and said” I am v.v” He got cut off when zak said ” v. i saw the ad for your show it looks great” Zak said looking at him. “Well i was wondering if mabey you wanted to be my friend i meen i can play games with you and i can talked to you about the show” He said”Really you mean it” “Of cores” He told Zak smiling. “I can’t wait to tell mom and dad” Zak said but then argost grabed him and said. “Let’s not tell mom and dad yet k” He said. “Ok sure well it’s getting dark i need to get hom bye” Zak said as argost wached him go home then walked in the woods.

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