Story: "The Twin – Chapter 2"

“So how are we going to talk to her she’s with argost” Zak told his mom and dad. “We set a trap so just follow us and play along” Doc told his son. Drew was holding a pieace of the kur stone so anyone could see it. “Hello saturdays i see you have my kur stone pieace” He said and just as they thought winter was be hind him. Doyle was behind them and he pulled a swich argost was traped in a web but it missed winter. She just stood there like nothing happened. like she wanted to go with them. so doyle picked her up and toke her and argost to there house.

“Why do you have her argost and how come she don’t talk” Drew yelled at argost. “I been taking care of her if i wasen’t there she would be dead” He showted back at her. “Well why don’t she talk i mean most kids aways talk like Zak” Doyle said as zak looked at him. “She used to talk all the time but she can’t anymore” Argost said wile frowning sadley” “And it’s all because of me” He said sadley. “What do you mean” They all asked.

This flash back is what argost is telling them

“So what is this” a 10 year old winter said to argost. “It is called the kur stone” “Where are we taking it” “We have to get it to the ship befor anyone tries to steal it” He told her. “give the kur stone to me now argost” A voice called out. it was wanting the kur stone he just toke from the sturdays. “RUN” Argost yelled as they all runed. “Here” Argost said as he thow the kur stone at her. She caught it then he turned arould and in about 5 mins. was k. on the grould. When he turned arould to make sure winter was ok he saw the writing on the kur stone was changing and winter’s eyes were glowing black and that was the last time he heared her voice.

“But how could you lose your voice just by toching the kur stone” Zak asked argost. “Well i’m not really sure but sence then every time she touches somting writen in that Shumeric writing it changes and she can’t write in English olny shumeric and she can’t talk. for years i have been trieing to find out how to get her voice back but so far everything has been a failed atimed” Argost told them. They all looked at one anather then stared walking to were winter was.

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