Story: "The Begining – Chapter 2"

“Doc, what was that” “What was what drew” “Doc, we can’t igore it doc somthing happend to zak back there” She said to him in fear for her son. “I don’t know probley nothing but just to be safe let run him though a med test and x-ray”Doc said to his wife. So they did and whaen the resuts came back everything was ok. “Thank goodness” Drew said as she huged her husbend. They saturdays thought mabey there eyes were playing triks on them so they ignored it thnking it was nothing.

acople years went by so now zak was 7. “So were are we going mommy” The 7 year old asked his mom. “We are going to antartica to see for the a millowth time Zak. She said to her son. After they got there , Doc, and Drew stared talking for to Zak what seems to be forever so after awile he said. “Mommy i’m so bord i want to go home” “Just alittle longer sweetie”

but Zak wanted to go home now so without his parents knowing he stared to go to the airship. When he was walking down the hallway. When he went by a room he heard a horrable noise coming from it. So of corse he wanted to chek it opened the door to see a gient hole in the wall. He toke one step forward but then 2 cryptids came though the hole. “AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” Zaks parents hered his sceam and ran to him they pushed him behind them and when they got there wapens out they heared Zak say. “Hey look what i can do” All of them looked at him as his eyes stared glowing like they did 2 years ago. Then the crypitids stop and sat down then turned arould and went though the hole back home. “Is this cool or what” Zak said his eyes still glowing. Doc and Drew just stared at him. “What he said like he was in troble.

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