Secret Saturdays Sex Story: "The begining – Chapter 3"

” call the other scientists in”Doc said to . “Zak how long have you been able to do that”Drew said wile walking to Zak . “Mabey bout a year i tolded you remember” Zak said


A 6 Year old Zak walked in the door of the house after playing outside. “Guss what mom i made 2 new friends komodo and fiskerten” Zak told his mom. “Really how old are they” She asked him. “Well i don’t know there cryptids i used my powers to calm them down and now there my friends i’m going to play with them now bey” Zak said as he walked out the door. “We have got to stop reading him those cryptids storys he has imageny cryptids friends now” Doc tolded Drew.

“We thought you were just kidding” Doc yelled. “No there real see” Out of the hole came komodo and fiskerten but in a smaller version. “there my friends and they follow me aroud every where” Zak said petting fisk and komodo.

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