Secret Saturdays Pornography Story: Preschool Saturdays – Chapter 1

Secret Saturdays Pornography Story: Preschool Saturdays – Chapter 1

It was another
peaceful winter day at Seaside Preschool. The kids had just been
dropped off by their parents, who were so proud of their children.
Epsilon and Francis had been the first ones to arrive, eager to learn
exciting new things. The others gradually filed in, hanging up their
coats, and taking their seats.Okay, class, the teacher said
cheerily, Were going to start the day with some arts and
crafts. There are all kinds of materials on the back tables. Have
fun! The preschoolers moved to the back of the room noisily, and
began working on their projects.

Zak was finger
painting a picture of a little orange car, which was coming out
nicely. Argost and Munya sat in the far back of the room, making
macaroni art together. Everything was peaceful, until Doyle decided
to have a little fun

Doyle grinned
mischievously as he snuck up behind Argost, hiding a glue stick
behind his back. Hey, Argost. Your lips must be really dry from
the winter wind. Want some chapstick? the red haired boy asked,
holding the gluestick out to Argost. The pale toddler nodded with a
smile, and applied a good amount of chapstick. He rubbed his
lips together, and when he tried to thank Doyle, they wouldnt
separate. Argost tried to scream, but only muffled sounds could be
heard. You sound funny! Doyle said excitedly, laughing at his
victim. Munya noticed Argost being bullied, and rushed over to help
unglue his lips. Zak laughed, having seen everything. Nice one!
he said to Doyle, the boys high-fiving.

In the front of the
classroom, Doc worked on making a caterpillar out of green
play-dough. Drew sat next to him, coloring in a picture of a flower.
She was very neat, never going outside the black lines. Van Rook sat
alone at the table next to Drew, making a necklace out of string and
colored beads. Behind his metal mask, his eyes kept wandering over to
Drew, watching her color the flower in with a purple crayon. Slowly,
he scooted his chair towards her, inching across the floor, until he
was sitting right next to her. She looked up from her work, and
noticed him sitting there, holding the necklace in his hand. Hi,
Drew. I made something for you he said nervously, placing the
beaded necklace around her neck. The girl beamed. Van Rook, thats
so nice. Look, you even put my name on it! Her name was spelled
out in small white beads with little black letters on them, a colored
bead between each letter. Thank you so much! Drew gushed. Doc
seethed behind her, jealous of Van Rook. He sighed, and continued
working on his caterpillar.

Okay, kids. Time
for recess! the teacher called. With shouts of joy, the toddlers
put on their coats, hats, and gloves, and headed out to the
playground. They rushed over to the playground, where all the slides,
tunnels, and monkey bars awaited them.

Drew was doing well at
double dutch, Zak on one end, Doc turning the other. She made up
countless rhymes to jump to, impressed at her own jumping skills.
Paul Cheechoo was eyeing the girl from a few feet away, a soccer ball
resting by his feet. The little boy kicked it as hard as he could,
and hit Drew right in the back. She tripped over the ropes and fell
on her face, a small cry of shock escaping her lips. She began to
cry, as Paul laughed at her. Her cheek had been scraped, the wound
red and irritated. Zak bent down to comfort her and help her up, and
Doc yelled at Paul. You big fat meanie! he hollered, glaring at
the bully. Van Rook had appeared behind Cheechoo, who hadnt
noticed. Silently, Van Rook pushed Paul as hard as he could, sending
him down to the pavement. How do you like it, you butt-face! he
mocked, Paul looking up at him in disbelief. Doc once again grew
jealous of Van Rook, who was now brushing some dirt off the back of
Drews coat, the girl smiling at the masked boy.

Epsilon, Francis, and
Argost sat behind one another, fighting to go down first on the
biggest slide. The boys argued, each of them claiming that it was
their turn. Hey dorks! Over here! Doyle shouted, who held a
bright red dodge ball. As they looked over, Doyle hurled it up at
Francis, hitting him right in the face. Startled, the green haired
boy fell forward, pushing hard into Epsilon and Argost. They tumbled
down the slide, falling over like dominoes, and ended up in a large
heap at the bottom. Doyle laughed, the dazed kids groaning and
pulling themselves up. That was soooooo mean. Im telling on
you! Francis whined. Wait, Francis. Ive got a better idea
Argost chimed in, motioning for them to follow his lead. The three
advanced, backing Doyle into the corner of the playground. A fence
blocked all possible escape, but the boy had great courage. Bring
it on; I can take you down all by myself! Doyle bragged, doing his
best to sound tough. They closed in, and his bravery dissipated. As
Doyle crouched low, bracing himself for the attack, his saving grace
had arrived.

Leave my brother
alone! Drew shouted, the bullies spinning around. Were not
gonna listen to you. Youre a girl. You have cooties! Epsilon
teased. Thats right. If you get too close, youre gonna get
it! She charged at the boys, who ran away from her. Cootie
attack! Run away! Argost cried, the boys dashing across the
playground, cowering in a plastic tunnel. Thanks, sis. Its a
good thing you have cooties. Doyle said, beaming at his sister.
That means you should run away, cuz you can catch the cooties,
too. Drew said, moving closer towards Doyle. No I cant. Im
your brother, so Im invincible to your cooties he replied. She
rolled her eyes and ran off to rejoin Zak and Doc.

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