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Secret Saturdays Sex Story: "A Wile Back – Chapter 1"

Running though the woods was an 7 year old version of Zak playing hide and seek with an littler version of komodo. “Ok komodo i give up were are you” Zak said looking arould. Komodo jumped out from behind the bushes and landed on Zak. “Come on komodo get off it’s starting to get dark mom and dad are going to get mad if we stay out to late” He said as komodo got off of him. They ran inside and they went in there room and played. (Fisk was not a member of the saturdays yet)

At 9:00 Zak’s mom came in there and toled him it was bed time then tuked him and komodo in. “Night sweetie” She said as she walked out of the room. As soon as she leaft Zak turned on the t.v. and stared waching pokemon but then a ad for a new show called wired world world came on saying it was going to pramire in 3 days. “Wow we have got to see that show it looks awsome” Zak said as komodo just hissed.


“Hey dad do you want to play catch” Zak asked his dad. “Not know Zak i’m working” Zak turned to his mom. “Do you mom” Zak said doing the puppie dog eyes. “Zak i’m working to” She told him. “You guys are allways working” He said walking away sadley.

Zak was sitting on a old log in the woods tossing his ball in the air and catching it. “You seem pretty bord young saturday” He heared a voice say he turned arould to see a man who was white and he walked up to him and said” I am v.v” He got cut off when zak said ” v. i saw the ad for your show it looks great” Zak said looking at him. “Well i was wondering if mabey you wanted to be my friend i meen i can play games with you and i can talked to you about the show” He said”Really you mean it” “Of cores” He told Zak smiling. “I can’t wait to tell mom and dad” Zak said but then argost grabed him and said. “Let’s not tell mom and dad yet k” He said. “Ok sure well it’s getting dark i need to get hom bye” Zak said as argost wached him go home then walked in the woods.

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Secret Saturdays Porn Story: "You’re Fired – Chapter 1"

3/1/09 10:00 AM SS – YOU ARE FIRED!

”WHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT, YOU CRAZY OLD BAT?!” Van Rook shrieked. ”You are fired’
V.V. Argost repeated. He continued to sit at his desk while scowling at the Russian man.
”So my concussion grenades hit Munya!” ”Yes and he could have been killed. It was verypainful for me to witness his injuries. He is in bed now and won’t be able to protect me for a very long time.” ”Are you going to cry again like you did when my grenades wounded Munya?”

The strange man continued to scowl. ”I contacted your other employers and they no longerrequire your services. You can go now.” The Russian wanted to hit him. ”What about my final pay?” ”You should have thought about that before you injured my servant.”

Van Rook proceeded to remove his mask at a snail’s pace. His black hair reached his waistand happened to be the same color as his beard. He snarled while throwing his helmet at Argost who gasped and dodged it. ”It’s a shame I missed!” he muttered. His angry expression was about tobecome permanent. He literally turned his back on V.V. Argost who stood and walked by him.

The Russian observed him entering a room and ceased walking momentarily. He saw him approachingthe half-human/half-spider who was barely awake. Argost took one look at his injured servant and started to cry. He took his hand and held it against his wet face. ”What a crybaby!” he muttered.
He proceeded to depart from the airship.

*Crying will not heal Munya!* Van Rook thought. The twigs snapping under his boots caused him tosmile a tiny bit. They reminded him of bones being broken in his strong arms. He hoped to come across a cryptid so that he could break its neck. There was nothing else for him to do now.
He insisted on wandering until he heard noises nearby.

Drew, Doc, and Zak Saturday attempted to pacify the snarling Waheela that approached them Continue reading

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Story: "The twin – Chapter 3"

“Hi Drew said as she walked in the room were winter was. She just stared at Drew because well she can’t talk. “Sorry i forgot you can’t talk” She said sitting down next to Winter. Winter olny stared and when drew looked in her eyes she saw pure darkness.

“Can you try to communicate to us at all” Doc said looking at her. She shoke her head no. “Do you know sighn language” Doyle asked but she still shoke her head no.

“come in the hallway for a min guys” Drew said as they all got up and went to the halway. When they got in there she said “She hased to have a way to communicate right” She said “Wait argost said that she can write in Shumeric and mom can read it we should try that” Zak said to everyone. “Ok lets do it” They all said.

When they walked in the room she was still sitting there of corse. “Ok writ what you want to say on this pice of paper” Drew said handing her a pincle and a pen. She wrote somthing then handed it to Drew. “Can you read it mom” Zak said looking at her. Drew put the paper down. “No i can not” She said everyone. They all stared at the grould untill they heared winter get up. She walked over and put her hand on the paper. Her eyes gow like they did when she touch the kur stone then the writing changed to english. They stared at winter as she just sat back down.

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Even Komodo thinks that Drew Saturday’s butt is always a perfect target

Porn Secret Saturdays

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Secret Saturdays Porn Story: "An unexpected romance Finale Chapter 1"

Shiningtears streamed down the face of Doc Saturday. Pain and lonelinessshone in Drews eyes. Im sorry, Doc she said, pushing herwhite hair behind her ears. Youll be fine with Zak. Maybeyoull find another woman to love, but Ill always be there forour son. The Saturday family had just returned from the towncourthouse. Their divorce papers had been signed earlier that day,but Doc took it very hard. Drew still wore the mini-dress she hadworn to court, and Doc still donned his favorite sweater. Drew hadalready said her good-byes to Zak and the Cryptids. Doc, Iminterested in seeing other people. Youre a great guy, but I dontthink we should be together anymore. Im sorry. Doc stareddirectly into his ex-wifes eyes. I still love you, Drew. Ifthings dont work out, Im here. You can come back to me. Hisbody shuddered as he took a long, shaky breath. Good-bye Drew.Bye, Doc. She grabbed the last of her luggage, and hustled outthe door, not wanting her former husband to see her cry. Onceoutside, Drew climbed into Doyles jeep, waiting outside the house.Her brother gave her a sympathetic look as she sat down in thepassengers seat. He reached over to her, and she continued to sobinto her little brothers muscular shoulder. After pouring what wasleft of her heart onto Doyle, she sat up and stared out thewindshield, not blinking or moving. Are you sure about this?Doyle inquired. Just go Drew replied.

Theydrove for a while, along winding country roads, the lights of thecity left far behind. The pale moon hung in the sky, it silver beamsilluminating the trees that lined the road. The shadows and themoonlight questioned her decision. She didnt let her eyes leavethe road even once; she simply stared into an unseen Continue reading

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Secret Saturdays Hentia Story: "Doyle’s past – Chapter 1"

“Ow what happened” Said a five year old doyle covered in snow. “Wheres mom dad and drew i have to find them” Doyle said as he got up. then doyle heared a someone giggleing at him he tured aruld to see drew. “Drew i’m so glad i fould you but why are you giggleing” He said but then she tured arould and ran off. “Wait” he said chasing her. he chased her and chased her till soon he was falling off a cliff but then somone caught him. “Hang on doyle” He heared somone say thinking it was drew. When he was lifted up he saw it was a girl same age as him and not drew.

“Hi i’m Wendy” She said. “How did you know my name i’ve never seen you befor” Doyle said confused. “The great spirets told me” She said. “The great spirets well anyway have you seen a girl arould here about 3 years older than me” Doyle said looking at her wierdly. “Great spirets” She said smiling. “What do you mean great spirets” He said “Well the great spirets are what everything happen so mabey for some reson the great spirets want you to follow that girl that looked like your sister” Wendy tolded him. “But why would they want all of this to happen” Doyle said almost cring now. “I don’t know the spirets have funny ways of making things work” She said doyle cring now. “If you don’t have a place to stay then you can come stay with us” Shhe said then doyle stoped cring “Really” He said. “Ya but olney if you stop cring” She said as they got up and ran to her house.

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A Kind of Magic Porn

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Drew Saturday is caputured and raped by stone guy… and she is loving it!

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this comics story about Zak who fucks Wadi.After sex Zak cums in her mouth

Zak saturday Porn

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Secret Saturdays Porn

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