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Drew Saturday dressed like Slave Leia – one of the most popular and sexy cosplay in the world!

Secret Saturdays Hot

Those Secret Saturdays characters are going naughty engaged in undressing each other and playing the petting game that is there just for a start, and you can imagine what they do next… This string of raunchy sex comics Drew Saturday will get you and feel like hell and all those fuck-crazed freaks having a good time!… I had this fantasy to catch a glimpse of Secret Saturdays XXX bitches who just cannot go on unfucked most of all.

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Secret Saturdays Sex Story: "A Wile Back – Chapter 1"

Running though the woods was an 7 year old version of Zak playing hide and seek with an littler version of komodo. “Ok komodo i give up were are you” Zak said looking arould. Komodo jumped out from behind the bushes and landed on Zak. “Come on komodo get off it’s starting to get dark mom and dad are going to get mad if we stay out to late” He said as komodo got off of him. They ran inside and they went in there room and played. (Fisk was not a member of the saturdays yet)

At 9:00 Zak’s mom came in there and toled him it was bed time then tuked him and komodo in. “Night sweetie” She said as she walked out of the room. As soon as she leaft Zak turned on the t.v. and stared waching pokemon but then a ad for a new show called wired world world came on saying it was going to pramire in 3 days. “Wow we have got to see that show it looks awsome” Zak said as komodo just hissed.


“Hey dad do you want to play catch” Zak asked his dad. “Not know Zak i’m working” Zak turned to his mom. “Do you mom” Zak said doing the puppie dog eyes. “Zak i’m working to” She told him. “You guys are allways working” He said walking away sadley.

Zak was sitting on a old log in the woods tossing his ball in the air and catching it. “You seem pretty bord young saturday” He heared a voice say he turned arould to see a man who was white and he walked up to him and said” I am v.v” He got cut off when zak said ” v. i saw the ad for your show it looks great” Zak said looking at him. “Well i was wondering if mabey you wanted to be my friend i meen i can play games with you and i can talked to you about the show” He said”Really you mean it” “Of cores” He told Zak smiling. “I can’t wait to tell mom and dad” Zak said but then argost grabed him and said. “Let’s not tell mom and dad yet k” He said. “Ok sure well it’s getting dark i need to get hom bye” Zak said as argost wached him go home then walked in the woods.

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Secret Saturdays Hentai Story: "Kur Madness – Chapter 1"

DISCLAIMER: SS belong to its rightful owners and not me.


Zak seemed curious while approaching his parents in their airship. ”Which cryptids are we looking for tonight? Bigfoot? The Waheela? The Goatman?” he wanted to know. His parents glanced at one another. ”We’re actually attending a meeting” Drew replied. She heard her son’s groans.
”Meetings are so boring, Mom!” he griped.

Drew turned her head while frowning. ”You’re going and that’s final!” she said in a stern tone.
Fiskerton started laughing at his ”sibling.” ”You’re going too,” Doc informed him. The gorilla-cat’s happy expression disappeared while he folded his arms and muttered something under his breath. Doc and Drew both stared at him with surprised looks on their faces.

”Zak is eleven, remember?” the white-haired woman asked him. ”This gathering is actually important since it does involve you” her spouse said to the eleven-year-old boy. His son groaned again. ”You are about to meet the Secret Scientist organization or rather the remaining members of the Secret Scientist organization” he told him. ”Remaining members?” ”According to legend,
he who controls the ancient beast known as Kur gains absolute power. V.V. Argost, our enemy, wants that power very badly. Eleven years ago, your mother, the other Secret Scientists, and me broke into Weird World and obtained the Kur Stone which is one of the keys to finding the ancient beast.
However, only a few Secret Scientists departed from Argost’s home alive. The Kur Stone was split into three parts and your mother and I have one of them. This meeting is about what our plans are to stop that madman from taking over the world. You may be the key to stopping Kur.”

Zak looked very confused. ”You lost me at ”this gathering”” he admitted. He and Fiskerton glanced at on Continue reading

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Story: "The Twin – Chapter 2"

“So how are we going to talk to her she’s with argost” Zak told his mom and dad. “We set a trap so just follow us and play along” Doc told his son. Drew was holding a pieace of the kur stone so anyone could see it. “Hello saturdays i see you have my kur stone pieace” He said and just as they thought winter was be hind him. Doyle was behind them and he pulled a swich argost was traped in a web but it missed winter. She just stood there like nothing happened. like she wanted to go with them. so doyle picked her up and toke her and argost to there house.

“Why do you have her argost and how come she don’t talk” Drew yelled at argost. “I been taking care of her if i wasen’t there she would be dead” He showted back at her. “Well why don’t she talk i mean most kids aways talk like Zak” Doyle said as zak looked at him. “She used to talk all the time but she can’t anymore” Argost said wile frowning sadley” “And it’s all because of me” He said sadley. “What do you mean” They all asked.

This flash back is what argost is telling them

“So what is this” a 10 year old winter said to argost. “It is called the kur stone” “Where are we taking it” “We have to get it to the ship befor anyone tries to steal it” He told her. “give the kur stone to me now argost” A voice called out. it was wanting the kur stone he just toke from the sturdays. “RUN” Argost yelled as they all runed. “Here” Argost said as he thow the kur stone at her. She caught it then he turned arould and in about 5 mins. was k. on the grould. When he turned arould to make sure winter was ok he saw the writing on the kur stone was changing and winter’s eyes were glowing black and that was the last time he heared her voice.

“But how could you lose your voice just by toching the kur stone” Zak asked argost. “Well i’m not really sure but sence then every time she touches somting writen in that Shumeric writing it changes and she can’t write in English olny shumeric and she can’t talk. for years i have been trieing to find out how to get her voice back but so far everything has been a failed atimed” Argost told them. They all looked at one anather then stared walking to were winter was.

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Even Komodo thinks that Drew Saturday’s butt is always a perfect target

Porn Secret Saturdays

We carry on with Secret Saturdays uncontrolled episodes crammed full of all sorts of sex and a few hot three-way fuck episodes as well. Characters do it again Drew Saturday with a new episode of this hot fuck toon that never tire of their sexy pranks then for their sexual desires ! A hottie from an internationally recognized Secret Saturdays porn series shared between a two-way fuck with monstrous pussy-diggers that have her face dumped with hot sperm…

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Secret Saturdays Hentai Story: "Sad Mask – Chapter 1"

DISCLAIMER: SS belongs to its rightful owners.

NOTES: This is a combination of some of my Van Rook stories. Reviews would be appreciated.


Various vile words departed from Leonidas Van Rook’s mouth while he sat on the black furniture and stared at the fire within the Weird World mansion. He could hear V.V. Argost crying in his cell. He was still angry about having to watch every episode of Weird World after eating his revolting dinner with him that evening. He remembered aiming his wrist blaster at the strange man when he announced the Weird World marathon since he thought it was a ”booooriiiing” program. His scowl was still on his hairy face while his dark-blue eyes remained on the fire. Argost’s tears continued to anger him which caused him to recall their recent days together.

Van Rook remembered entering the kitchen of the Saturday family while searching for the stolen Kur Stone during one late evening. He ate the Chinese food that was in the refrigerator.
”I’m hungry!” he said when Argost scowled and folded his pale arms across his dark chest.
”You’re also stupid!” the strange man informed him. The long-haired Russian wolfed down the stolen Chinese food. He went into the restroom before sticking his head in the toilet.

”I don’t see the Kur Stone.” He cried out when Argost pushed the lid down on his head.
They departed from the restroom before entering the livingroom. ”We must be silent as the grave’
V.V. Argost whispered. ”I A Continue reading

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Secret Saturdays Hentia Story: "Birth of a Monster – Chapter 1"

DISCLAIMER: SS belong to its rightful owners.

NOTES: I honestly have no idea where Argost is from. Lucette Argost and Amadour are my OCs. I was trying not to make Lucette a Mary Sue. This is my interpretation of his origin.


V.V. Argost cried out as his black bodysuit clad body hit one of the grave markers in the French cemetery. He looked up while scowling at the Saturday family. His golden eyes were wide when the tip of Drew’s fire sword touched his throat. ”Tell us why you’re in Paris or you’ll become a new addition here!” she spoke. She observed him gasping when he glanced at the fallen tombstone behind his body. She viewed his distressed expression.

”Who is Lucette Argost?” Zak inquired while he stared at the damaged grave marker. The bizarre man looked sad for a minute. There was sorrow in his yellow eyes as a frown formed on his fanged face. ”Well? Aren’t you going to answer my son?” Drew demanded. ”I thought you wanted to know why I was in France” her enemy spoke. His eyes increased in size again when the blade pressed against his neck thus drawing a tiny bit of blood.

”I was born in this country many years ago. It was a very cold night….” ”We don’t wish to know your life story, Argost!” Doc spoke. ”I don’t know which is scarier.
The cemetery or your birthday!” Zak commented. V.V. Argost scowled again.

”Anyway, my parents did not welcome me into this world” he continued. ”I don’t blame them’
Zak whispered to Fiskerton. ”I was born disfigured and my own mother could not bear to glance at me. My father wrapped me in a black blanket and took me outside.” ”So Lucette Argost isn’t your mother?” Drew whispered. ”No. Please don’t interrupt me again, my dear lady. Where was I?”

The female Saturday lifted her weapon slightly. ”A woman found me on her doorstep and took me into her home. She Continue reading

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Secret Saturdays Hentia Story: "Doyle’s past – Chapter 1"

“Ow what happened” Said a five year old doyle covered in snow. “Wheres mom dad and drew i have to find them” Doyle said as he got up. then doyle heared a someone giggleing at him he tured aruld to see drew. “Drew i’m so glad i fould you but why are you giggleing” He said but then she tured arould and ran off. “Wait” he said chasing her. he chased her and chased her till soon he was falling off a cliff but then somone caught him. “Hang on doyle” He heared somone say thinking it was drew. When he was lifted up he saw it was a girl same age as him and not drew.

“Hi i’m Wendy” She said. “How did you know my name i’ve never seen you befor” Doyle said confused. “The great spirets told me” She said. “The great spirets well anyway have you seen a girl arould here about 3 years older than me” Doyle said looking at her wierdly. “Great spirets” She said smiling. “What do you mean great spirets” He said “Well the great spirets are what everything happen so mabey for some reson the great spirets want you to follow that girl that looked like your sister” Wendy tolded him. “But why would they want all of this to happen” Doyle said almost cring now. “I don’t know the spirets have funny ways of making things work” She said doyle cring now. “If you don’t have a place to stay then you can come stay with us” Shhe said then doyle stoped cring “Really” He said. “Ya but olney if you stop cring” She said as they got up and ran to her house.

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Well, accept it – it is hard not to stare at Drew Saturday’s huge tits!

The Secret Saturdays Hentai Pics

We continue with Secret Saturdays wild vaginal, oral and anal penetrations and a few hot three-way fuck episodes to go with the habitual fuck galore. The Secret Saturdays hentai sluts crave for some hot sex – they fuck wherever they can take sizey thick cocks into! Well endowed Drew Saturday hootchie of and comic strip is hopping…

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An Ok pic of drew saturday in a slave bikini like costume. Show her legs fantastically but has trouble with quality for the rest of her body

Secret Saturdays Porn

Here is a very unique sort of Secret Saturdays in form of Hentai art… Slutty chick of tv show and is too willing to participate in this hardest pussy pumping action of her whole life ;) There is some hot pictorial report of wildest lewd Secret Saturdays XXX that are shagging an inexperienced toon maiden one hottie and one nottie! ;)

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